Why Would a Pet Owner Give Up Their Pet’s Ownership?

by Chester C.

Each year, thousands of pet owners give up ownership of their beloved companions and return them to dog shelters, animal rescue, or adoption centers. Sometimes the pets are left under the care of family or friends due to circumstances. Other times, the pet is left abandoned with their training collar intact. Ultimately, the owners made conscious choices to part ways with their cat or dog. You may be wondering why any pet parent would do that to those poor animals. Here are some reasons.

1. Financial constraints.

Pet ownership comes with a host of financial responsibilities, be it health, food, training, vet visits, grooming appointments, vaccination, name it! So when the dog parent can no longer afford the costs of keeping a dog, they surrender it. Its always a sad affair, but do they always have a choice?

2. Moving

Moving is usually a reason for some people to surrender their pets when the location or neighborhood they are moving to doesn’t allow dog or cat ownership. Think about it; you landed your dream job in a new city that doesn’t permit pet parenting. As heartbreaking as it may sound, you are more likely to give up your four-legged companion than abandon your job.

3. Behavior problems in the pet

Some dogs turn so uncontrollably aggressive that the owner has no option but to take it back to the shelter before any grievous damage is done. Honestly, this is the best option for an aggressive pet that you have tried to help change that behavior but in vain.

4. Lack of time

A dog owner may have started working longer hours, or their job involves a lot of traveling, leaving their pet by themselves half the time. The owner may feel it’s unfair to the dog and therefore surrender it to a shelter.

5. A family member is allergic to the pet.

In some cases, people make all the right steps to get a dog, with factors like financial considerations and vet accessibility in check, then arrive home with the smooch to discover their wife or three-year-old son is allergic to dogs. Sometimes it’s just that particular dog breed. In this case, there isn’t an alternative but to return the unlucky pooch.

6. The owner is seriously ill or passes away.

When the owner is gravely ill and no longer able to give the cat care, the best thing to do is give them to a willing family or friend. If the owner passes away and there is no family member to take ownership of the feline, the only option is usually the animal shelter.

7. Doesn’t get along with other pets

Imagine a case where your mean little feline won’t stop attacking your dog. In the end, you will have to settle for peace and give up, though unwillingly, one of your pets.

8. Personal problems

We all have probably experienced some very dark moments in our lives. Mental issues, such as depression, and psychological issues may be some reasons owners give up their pets

9. House soiling

Kitty the cat won’t merely adapt to relieving herself in the litterbox, and the owner can’t take it anymore. If you have tried a training but all turn in vain, then soiling your house can culminate to giving out your fur baby.

Final Thoughts

Many pet owners get their cat or dog with the intention of keeping the pet to the end. However, they run into situations that make it difficult to continue supporting their cat or dog.

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