Properties of Neodymium Magnets That Make Them Preferred to Other Magnets

by Chester C.

Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets, therefore, makes them have the upper hand compared to other magnets. The increased use of these magnets in various industries has created even more manufacturers and suppliers. Neodymium magnet suppliers among the largest distributors worldwide are located in China and have multiple products. They send out the neodymium magnets that have been customized based on a customer’s preferred size, shape, and specific application. This article will focus on the properties of neodymium magnets and how they end up being benefits of using neodymium magnets.

Properties of Neodynium Magnets

The following are the physical and mechanical properties of neodymium magnets;

1. Have a Maximum Measure of Ferromagnetic Strength

Neodymium magnets are known to be ten times stronger than other types.

2. Only a Percentage of Magnetic Energy Is Lost Over The Years

A material’s resistance to losing magnetization is called coercivity. Neodymium magnets are heat-sensitive but still don’t get demagnetized quickly when put close to others or dropped.

3. High Corrosion Resistance

Neodymium Iron Boron magnets under dry conditions do not rust and can retain their performance. Dysprosium has the greatest magnetic strength of all elements and is combined with neodymium magnets to make them more corrosion-resistant.

4. Have Great Energy Product

The energy product is a permanent magnet’s magnetic energy density, and Neodymium magnets have a great energy product.

5. Can be Produced in Any Way

Neodymium magnets can take different shapes, such as disc, ring, rod, cube, wedge. Therefore they are useful in industries.

6. Have a Great Magnetic Field

This phenomenon is called Remanence and is a measure of magnetic field strength. Neodynium magnets consist of rare-earth elements; hence neodymium magnets develop solid magnetic fields.

Benefits of Using Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets get preference for use compared to other types. Below are the advantages accrued from using them;

a. Light and Small in Weight

This property is helpful in the manufacture of earphones and headphones. Since these are portable items, one needs them to be light in weight for convenience. Therefore, neodymium magnets are getting used in industries responsible for the manufacture of such devices.

b. Strong Magnetic Fields

Neodymium magnets can make strong magnetic forces even when they are small in size. Therefore they are desirable. Because neodymium magnets comprise rare-earth elements, they can develop solid magnetic fields to lift heavy machinery in industrial applications.

c. Cheap

Compared to other types, neodymium magnets are cheaper. The reserve of rare earth neodymium is ten times more than that of samarium. Therefore its price is lower compared to samarium cobalt magnets. The fact that it is less costly is advantageous commercially because it reduces the cost of production and eventually reduces the cost of the end product.

d. Have Higher Power to Weight Ratio

Neodymium magnets used in earphones produce higher sensitivity and sound output by using little power. They create music at a greater sound pressure level using greater magnetic flux; therefore, they can make earphones with outstanding sound quality without a significant price increase.


As seen from the article, it is clear that Neodymium magnets have properties that contribute to its success in the various applications it has found all over. The benefits of using neodymium sure make it advantageous over the other magnets.

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