Steps to ensuring the proper use of face masks

by Chester C.
face mask

The current outbreak of corona has made the use of masks become a necessary evil. The N-95 mask provides a certain level of protection against the virus by filtering airborne particles out. The virus enters the bloodstream via facial openings like the mouth and nostrils; it is these two openings that require the protection of medical masks.

Often, so many persons wear their masks the wrong way, and this could prove counterproductive in the long run. It’s been observed that certain users cover the mouth only leaving their nostrils uncovered; This results in the purpose of protection against virus being defeated. This article highlights the proper ways to wear your medical masks for effectiveness.

Pick the mask by its straps.

It is of immense importance that you don’t touch your mask while picking it up; this is because the harmful microbes often inhabit your hands. An excellent way of picking up the mask is via the straps on either side of the mask. Upon picking it up, tie the straps around the sides of your head uniformly.

Ensure it covers both your nose and mouth

You should leave out neither your nose nor your mouth while using your face mask. The sole purpose of using the mask is to ensure you don’t infect those around you while simultaneously protecting yourself from getting infected. Leaving either your nose or the mouth uncovered means you’re vulnerable to getting infected if the virus is airborne. Furthermore, it takes just a sneeze from you to infect others if your mouth isn’t covered properly.

Ensure the mask is wrapped around your chin.

It’s not safe to continuously adjust your mask with your hands as this could make you prone to getting infected. In a way, having the mask around your chin level means you don’t have to adjust it with your hands while stepping out of your home. Also, the mask is likely to shift while you perform oratory actions, but such a situation can be checked by tucking the medical mask below your chin.

The coloured side should be out.

You must have hurriedly put on your medical mask at one point or the other without necessarily checking what colour is outwards; this is an unsafe practise and it’s putting your health at risk. Many methods of wearing medical masks have been postulated in recent times, but the only correct way is by having the coloured part on the outside. The outer layer is a fluid repelling layer that prevents germs and droplets from sticking; wearing the mask wrongly means you risk having harmful viruses penetrate through.

Ensure it fits your face

While it might seem impossible to have a mask that fits the geometry of your head, there’s still a need to have one that fits. An ideal situation is having little to no gaps between the medical mask and your face. Masks with elastic straps also go a long way in helping you achieve this.

Final thoughts

It’s a necessity to take all of the necessary precautions during the corona outbreak. One of such precaution is the use of medical masks in covering your face. These masks offer an exceptional level of protection, and it’s quite essential to wear them the right way; this article helps with useful tips.

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