Warehousing in China and what to lookout for?

by Chester C.

Choosing the best China warehousing solution for your ecommerce business is as important as choosing your manufacturer. China’s manufacturing industry has grown and will continue to grow. Most people and businesses get their goods manufactured and shipped from China, for the most part, economic reasons.

NextSmartShip China fulfillment center has a modern warehouse strategically located in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an SEZ, a global manufacture hub, and a link to the transit hub, Hong Kong, to mainland China.

Apart from providing storage, what makes for an excellent warehouse? A good warehousing solution should have the ability to protect customers’ goods, offer processing orders services, logistics, bare risk incidental with goods storage, customer care services to their clients, etc. NextSmartShip has stayed ahead of time by ensuring that we offer these, among other services that help your business thrive.

Advantages of using NextSmartShip China Warehousing: –

  • Shenzhen being an SEZ manufactures in Shenzhen, enjoys tax benefits. It will significantly reflect on the finished goods hence reducing your cost. 
  • China has one of the most developed manufacturing industries. You can get NextSmartShip to fulfill your orders from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu Guangdong, etc. 
  • Low cost of labor. Mainland China has the most skilled work population in the world. An efficient and affordable workforce is readily available. 
  • We will help you reduce your warehousing cost by offering 90 days of free warehouse storage at our China fulfillment center.
  • Multi-platform integration that allows for inventory info, shipping tracking for clients and your online store, orders consolidation, etc.
  • We assign our customers one dedicated account manager. The account manager takes the time to know your business as well as you so that they can be efficient and can help manage your account at any time. 
  • NextSmartShip has a team of experts who will work closely with you until they find the best fulfillment solution for your business. We offer tailor made solutions for every business model regardless of the size, big or small.
  • NextSmartShip does not charge for goods receiving. We will receive your items from the manufacture, inspect and ensure they are in good condition at no cost. 
  • We will pick and pack your order before shipping. We offer custom packaging services too. 
  • We offer global shipping with over 200 destinations. NextSmarShip is able to deliver anywhere in the world.
  • Bonded warehousing which gives you control of the payment as no duty is required to be paid until the goods are shipped to the buyer.
  • Our warehouse is a modern warehouse providing security for your items, inventory management, kitting, and assembly.
  • We have fulfilment centers in other parts of the world for instance Europe, USA and Australia which ensures that your orders are shipped promptly and reach your customer in a shorter period of time.

NextSmartShip China warehousing solution is suitable for both complex and simple supply chains. Our dedicated highly-skilled team, together with our warehouse inventory management system, eliminates human error, the need for paperwork, makes it easy to manage your account, real-time account status, and makes our services more efficient.

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