What Are The Types of Aluminium Alloys Used in a CNC Machine

by Chester C.

Learning about cnc aluminum machining seems like one of the best things for a machine enthusiast. If you do not have so much interest in the process of CNC machining, you’ll have an interest in making money. Business in the CNC industry is always safe as it has fewer competitors and an increasing number of consumers. CNC machines can be used to produce a wide range of instruments that include different materials. Most machinists prefer to use CNC machines for complex productions. That is why whenever you see a CNC machine in action, it is usually working on metal. The metal, in this case, is usually aluminum.

CNC machines are widely used with aluminum because of their metal properties and availability. Aluminum is not the most expensive metal around, and it gives you great properties. Therefore, most producers prefer to use aluminum as the base metal. Also, aluminum is a great metal that you can machine easily. You do not need so much power and force while machining aluminum, so it is highly preferred. Another significant aluminum advantage that makes it the preferred metal is its flexibility. There are different types of aluminum grades available for use. Each of these grades is useful for various applications; therefore, you make a choice based on what you need. These different aluminum grades are known as alloys. All of these alloys have different advantages and features when you are machining. You have the liberty to choose based on the features of the aluminum alloy sometimes. But other times, you may have no option but to choose the aluminum alloy based on the specifications of the machine. This guide will cover some of the most common aluminum alloys used with the CNC machine. Here, we’ll be highlighting their properties and advantages.

Aluminum 2024

This aluminum alloy is one of the most commonly used alloys of aluminum. It is an alloy that you can treat with heat when machining. The ratio of strength to weight is one of the most exciting perks of this alloy. It also does not fatigue quickly. With a tensile strength of around 68,000psi, this aluminum alloy is used across the aviation industry. It’s usually alloyed with copper.

Aluminum 6061

For CNC machining of aluminum, one of the most preferred is the aluminum 6061 alloy. Its versatility is one of the most admirable qualities of this aluminum alloy. Most people use this aluminum alloy for electronic materials or aircraft. Its tensile strength is around 45000 psi, and it can alloy with either magnesium or silicon.

Aluminum 7075

The strength of aluminum 7075 is why it is a commonly used aluminum alloy. The tensile strength of this alloy is around 83,000psi. You can treat it with heat, as it produces a strong result.

Aluminum 5052

If you need an aluminum alloy that can resist corrosion, then aluminum 5052 is what you need. You can make it with chromium and magnesium.

Aluminum 3003

Aluminum 3003 is an alloy mixed with manganese in small quantities. It is the almost pure aluminum, and you will see it on most kitchen items.

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