The Ultimate Guide to Transparent Flexible LED Displays

by Chester C.

A transparent flexible LED display is a crystal clear display that is completely transparent and yet, at the same time, can present any given video content. Viewers can watch the video content and, at the same time, can have complete coverage of the background.

The permeation is between fifty and ninety percent, whereas its thickness is set at 10mm. Some of their main characteristics are as mentioned below:

  • They are lightweight, and they occupy a small space. Typically, the transparent flexible LED display weighs around 12 kg/m2.
  • Transparent flexible LED displays are energy efficient. They can spend as much as 40% less energy than traditional LED displays. 
  • Installation is easy and doesn’t require special maintenance. 
  • They are unique. Thanks to transparency, sometimes they create the illusion as objects within their videos are floating in the air.
  • Thanks to their softcover, they can be shaped in almost any form needed. 
  • They come in various sizes and different resolutions.
  • Transparent flexible LED displays offer a reduction in light pollution. On the other hand, conventional LED displays are known for their exceptionally high brightness levels. High brightness is considered as a reason for many accidents, mishaps and can have a very negative effect on the nightscape. Users of transparent flexible LED displays can easily customize the brightness levels so that light pollution is minimized. 

How Transparent Flexible LED Displays Work?

Transparent flexible LED displays rely on a set of plastic layers that can be either carbon-based or organic. The layers are between glass layers that create transparency. These displays incorporate tiny clear cathodes used for injecting electrons. Then there are the anodes used to allow the electrons to get out from the display units. Once the LED display is turned on, a chemical reaction is started within the plastic material. The result of that is the displayed picture. 

Is it Cost-Effective to Invest in Transparent Flexible LED Displays?

Compared to traditional displays, flexible transparent LED displays are a bit more expensive. But then again, what they bring is a set of features and capabilities that cannot be replicated by any other display technology. They are ideal for businesses that want to take their advertisement efforts to another level. When appropriately applied, transparent flexible LED displays are subtle yet very effective in attracting people’s attention. The uniqueness is achieved with their transparency. Then there is the fact that they spend way less energy than their counterparts.

The answer to the question is it cost-effective to invest in transparent, flexible LED displays depends on many factors, such as how important it is for your business to stand out? Then you have to ask yourself another question, can you afford not to stand out and be another business lined up along your competitors?

A resolute yes is a sure bet if you have a product superior to what your competitors have to offer, and yet your product doesn’t sell any better than theirs. If that’s the case, a transparent flexible LED display can be a game-changer for you and your business because not only can it attract the attention of bypassers, but it can explain to them why your product is the best on the market.

In Conclusion

Transparent flexible LED displays were once deemed as too expensive for small and medium businesses. That’s not the case anymore. However, many people are either ill-informed or unaware that this technology is widely available and not that expensive. So it is up to you as a business owner who needs to decide whether you will invest in something that will bring your product/service under a massive spotlight or go with the flow and advertise in the same manner as everyone else does.

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