Learn how you can increase Twitter productivity

by Chester C.

Working on growing your Twitter audience and increasing engagement on your content can be a tedious task. There are ways to increase your followers and save yourself the hustle. At the rate of 11$ for 100 followers, you can significantly increase Twitter productivity. Here are a few other ways you can increase Twitter productivity and see some results.

1. Set goals for your Twitter account

Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals will keep your progress on track. Having a schedule to guide you on how you are going to use Twitter helps you remain consistent in content creation. Sharing content on Twitter should be a daily exercise if you want to see new followers and better engagement. Another task you might want to add to your schedule is to check out your Twitter mentions. If you miss out on your Twitter mentions, you might be missing out on incredible conversations and opportunities for your account to grow.

2. Use pictures and videos

When sharing content on Twitter, use pictures, infographics, and videos as often as possible while keeping things professional. The pictures you share should positively reflect your brand. For example, a business can share pictures showing happy clients or sharing your brand’s achievements. Shared images should be clear and relevant to the post.

3. Do not over-saturate your followers

 Most writers do not want to bore their followers; hence they continuously post content. The trick is to ensure that you post just enough content to keep your audience engaged. Tweeting every five minutes, even if the content is relevant, can be annoying and cost you Twitter followers. Use Twitter analytics to figure out the tipping point.

4. Timing is everything

Because Twitter is a global platform, there is no single time that is perfect for posting content. Thus, to narrow down the optimal time for posting content, analyze your target audience’s lifestyle. For example, older people with jobs and families to take care of will check their social media accounts early in the morning and later on in the night. Once you figure out the perfect time to post content, you will see increased engagement and followers.

5. Engage your followers

To engage your Twitter audience, you will need to post consistently. Since you might sometimes be too busy to consistently post, use scheduling tools to post pre-determined content on your behalf. Replying to any comments on your Twitter posts shows your followers that you care. You can also try and re-tweet content from your followers, which will make your followers feel a sense of connection to your Twitter brand.

6. Be authentic

Your Twitter bio and content should represent your brand. Avoid putting on a façade to impress your followers because the internet does not forget, and someone is very likely to figure out you are not who you say yourself. Followers find authentic brands more relatable and tend to stick around, lowering turnover on authentic brands.


Increasing Twitter productivity can be challenging. Like many things, starting may be hard, but you will start to see results on your Twitter account with time. If you are not progressing as fast as you would like, feel free to invest in a few followers or attract more followers.

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