Obama’s Sick Secret Weapon To Sabotage Trump’s Presidency Was Just Found Built Into His Library

by Chester C.

Barack Obama has had an extremely difficult time relinquishing the power he held as president of the Untied States, as he’s spent every waking moment obsessing on ways to take out President Trump with his “shadow movement” since leaving office.

Several weeks ago, Obama’s jealousy was on full display while President Trump attended the G-20 Summit meeting in Germany, where Obama was caught breaking federal law to hold a secret meeting with the South Korean president. Now a sickening discovering has just been made in the presidential library that Obama is building, proving once again how desperate this man is to get his power back after making a sudden reemergence into politics several weeks ago.

Obama and his team of treasonous liberal morons have been licking their wounds in recent months, as their incessant efforts to get President Trump impeached keeps backfiring every time they turn around. After the “Russian-Trump collusion” conspiracy theory has failed to gain any momentum, Obama emerged from hiding last week with his sudden announcement to get back into politics, where he’s now leading fundraisers across America in a desperate attempt to “woo donors” to invest in Democratic political races.

But with very little interest coming in from donors to prop up the hemorrhaging Democratic Party, and with no real prospects to run against Trump in the 2020 race, a desperate and frantic Obama is pulling out all the stops. After spending 8 years demonizing “corporately-owned politicians,” Obama is breaking tradition, and in a move steeped in hypocrisy, is now lifting the donor restriction on his presidential library. Now anyone who wants to donate to Obama and Democrats and participate in their “pay for play” scheme can now donate as much as they want, which has now resulted in million-dollar gifts from such corporations as Microsoft and Exelon. FOX News has more:

Barack Obama’s presidential library foundation has reportedly lifted the donor restriction imposed while he was in the White House, resulting in million-dollar gifts from such corporations as Microsoft and Exelon.

The foundation reported Friday that eight donors have pledged at least $1 million and that it has raised $1.2 million in the second quarter of 2017.

The list of million-dollar donors would bring total fundraising amounts to at least $8 million toward the projected $500 million cost of the library-museum on the South Side of Chicago. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

The foundation started in 2014 and reportedly raised $5.4 million in its first year. However, the foundation’s total fundraising amounts since its start are unclear.

The foundation on Saturday did not immediately return requests for that amount.

A foundation official recently told the Chicago Sun-Times that the organization lifted its self-imposed donor “restrictions” when Obama left office in January but will “continue to vet and publicly disclose all large contributions.”

The foundation was previously not accepting contributions from for-profit groups, federal lobbyists and foreign nationals.

Other million-dollar donors reported Friday by the foundation include Ann and John Doerr and the Hutchins Family Foundation.

The desperation at this point is beyond palatable, as Obama and his D.C. swine are frantic to get their people back into power, realizing that Republicans now control the House, Senate, and Executive Branch.

Despite his numerous vacations in recent months, Obama is far from retiring from his political life in Washington D.C. Since leaving office, he’s bought a 9-bedroom mansion with his Muslim Brotherhood Iranian former advisor Valerie Jarrett, and they’ve literally set up “shadow government” just 3 miles from the White House in order to constantly harass and spy on the Trump Administration.

Obama has proven over and over that he will do whatever it takes to undermine President Trump, even if that means breaking federal law to take his successor out. Several weeks ago Obama met with South Korean President Moon ae-in, where the two men held a meeting cloaked in secrecy discussing ways to “deal with Trump.”

Blinded by his efforts to get Trump impeached, Obama completely missed the fact that holding a diplomatic foreign meeting as a civilian is a direct violation of the Logan Act, and a serious federal crime.

Even though Obama is out of office, we still need to keep track of this scoundrel as he’s literally breaking federal law and violating ethics and tradition of long-standing presidents in order to take President Trump down. And now with millions being funneled into his presidential library to help prop up potential candidates against Trump in 2020 by multi billion-dollar corporations, we seriously need to prepare for the political war that is brewing in our country.

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