The Benefits Of PTFE Gasket And Sealing Products

by Chester C.

Teflex is one of the leading manufacturers of PTFE products. The company manufactures a wide range of PTFE products, including Teflex 100%virgin PTFE gasket and sealing products. These products are known for their high quality and practical design. They also feature different prices and qualities which you may want to consider before purchasing the products. This article covers PTFE gasket and sealing benefits and definitions.

What is PTFE sealing?

Sealing products are commonly applied in agriculture, automotive, construction, manufacturing, mining, and refuse, among other industries. They offer numerous sealing benefits depending on the area of application. The market features a wide range of sealing products. One of the most popular PTFE sealing products is the PTFE gasket.

What is a PTFE gasket?

A gasket is a sealing product made using deformable materials. The sealing product is usually designed in the shape of a ring or a sheet. The role of a gasket is to create pressure-tight seams between two or more stationary components. Their functionality usually depends on the compression energy. A PTFE gasket is a synthetic tetrafluoroethylene fluoropolymer applied in a wide range of areas. PTFE gaskets are also generally made from soft and comfortable materials applicable in a wide range of industries. Some of the primary areas where PTFE gaskets are applied are;

  • In the food processing industry
  • The petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • The water and gas industry

Note that gaskets made from PTFE are highly preferred because of the material’s characteristics and ability to withstand various environmental factors.

Why should you get 100% virgin PTFE gasket and sealing?

The term “100% virgin” refers to the gaskets and sealings that are not combined with other materials other than PTFE. Below are some benefits of 100% virgin PTFE gasket and sealings;

a. Thermal stability over different temperature ranges

One of the best features of PTFE is that it has a high melting point of about three hundred and forty-two degrees Celsius. The material also features morphological characteristics that allow components manufactured from the resin to be applied in high-temperature situations. Therefore, gaskets and sealants made from 100% virgin PTFE cannot suffer degradations caused by temperature changes in their application areas.

b. Dry running capability

Another incredible characteristic of PTFE is that it has the lowest friction coefficient of whichever solid. PTFE features self-lubricating capabilities which offer continuous dry running abilities. This is an incredible characteristic for gasket and sealing products because it allows for dynamic sealing applications.

c. Extreme chemical resistance

PTFE sealants and gaskets also feature impressive chemical resistance. This is because of the interpolymer chain bond strengths of the PTFE materials. This prevents the materials from reacting with certain chemicals and temperatures. Therefore, PTFE sealants and gaskets will keep you from worrying about the products reacting with other chemicals from paints and other products. This is also one of the primary reasons PTFE gaskets are applied in industries where harmful chemical substances are used.


When buying PTFE sealing products, you must ensure that you get them from reliable companies. The market features a wide range of companies manufacturing PTFE sealing products and gaskets for purchase.

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