Looking for a Hobby this summer? Volunteer for Panda!

by Chester C.

2016 was definitely the year of monkeys. But, it was also a perfect year for the pandas, particularly when the Union for Conservation of Nature enhanced their status from the standard endangered to the vulnerable one. From that moment onwards, it has been a large upswing for these beautiful species. Pandavolunteer.org takes you through the basics of becoming a volunteer for the panda. 

The efforts of the communities in the locality and the Chinese government, nature staff, and finally, panda volunteers have played a huge role in supporting the thriving population of pandas across the world. Today, more than 2,000 pandas are living healthy lives. But there is so much that needs to be done to help ensure that the pandas have a future.

1. Voluntary work

Eh, pandas! Just a few animals are slightly more iconic, particularly considering that their best discerning feature is that of being adorable. And of course, there is a lot of love for the pandas. It goes beyond their cute look and the fact that they usually spend a lot of their time resting and just minding their business.

2. Why volunteer?

In that same year, when monkeys were receiving an upgrade, pandas received a harsh downgrade based on their vulnerability. Their habitat has since been destroyed increasingly beyond the human developmental ability. Today they need all the attention you can give them.

As a volunteer for pandas, you can chip in by contributing to the growing preservation of the wonderful species while working to help protect their environment.

Spending time with these amazing animals is definitely a bonus. That is why several organizations are devoted to protecting these animals.

At the sanctuary, ideally known as the panda base, you should be able to grasp knowledge about the animal by indulging in daily chores such as feeding and helping scientists to garner extensive information on their character and behavior.

You can also give a helping hand to the keepers while they prepare rehabilitation centers for pandas.

3. Are you heading to China to support pandas?

So you are ready to book that air ticket to China but are not sure of the requirements? Worry not.

As you check data on pandas, you need to consider the voluntary programs aligned online. Other than that, it would help if you answered the following questions.

Will you work with the pandas?

To work with the cute animals, you need to visit their central home in China. So when traveling, be rest assured to participate in the entire conservative activities.

There are a few programs that can only offer a panda tour to the sanctuary. Then multiple organizations can provide you with different time slots for volunteering. You only need to pick the best schedule for your visiting demands.

4. What about training?

Yes, panda care training is provided. The conservative efforts need to have a positive impact on the animals. If this is to happen, then volunteers must be armed with skills to serve pandas best.

It is important to work with a reputable panda volunteering organization as participants are always trained on how to participate in the cause productively.

Final Thoughts

Want to join a voluntary panda program? Well, most of them cost an estimate of $120. This covers transportation, meals, in addition to a uniform. Your primary duty as a volunteer will include providing a support system for the animals.

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