Common Mistakes Made When Filling Server Rack

by Chester C.

Putting up a server rack is a challenging task. Even though you have the best server rack, it cannot serve you well if it is not set up well. There are certain things you may not consider until the worst happens. Before installation, you should contact your Network Cabinet Manufacturer for guidance. These are some of the mistakes to avoid when setting up your server rack.

Building from Ground Up

You should note that server racks support a given weight capacity. It does not matter whether the weight is placed inside the rack. Therefore, if your racks become very heavy, it is likely to tip over. It is advisable to leave heavy things at the bottom. You may be surprised to learn that some rails require multiple people to install. Ideally, you do not want to pull a UPS from the top shelf.

Stripping Rack Hole

You should note that most racks on the market use square holes. Therefore, in most instances, you will need to use the cage units. You can easily remove them if they get stripped. If you are buying a refurbished rack, there is a high chance that the holes are threaded. Unfortunately, if you strip the threads of your rack hole, that is the end of it.

Not Having Cable Management Accessories

It is advisable to have a plan on managing your cables ahead of time.  Many people believe they do not require cable management accessories until it is late for them. You do not want to be forced to disassemble the entire rack to fix something minor.

Leaving It Accessible to Children

As you know, children like things that entertain them. They can watch you assemble a server rack and may try it when you are not around. Moreover, children are unpredictable, and they might find playing with fiber optic cables quite enjoyable. Some may argue that the risk is dependent on parenting skills. However, it is a good idea to build your server when children are not near.

Not Getting Help

You should note that servers ought to be placed into the rails with at least two people. It does not matter how strong you are; you should have someone to help when fitting it into place. There is a high chance that you can break the equipment if you are trying it alone. Another reason to have an extra person helping you is to evacuate children who may be around. Remember that server equipment is quite expensive, so you ought to minimize all risks.

Not Checking Dimensions of Your Components

Before buying any rails or racks, it is vital that you know the dimensions of the networking equipment. Your rack ought to handle the depth, height, and width of the future and current equipment. Although there are standards as far as sizes are concerned, the harder it is to track everything. After adding accessories, there is a small line between what is working and what is not working.

DIY Server Racks

You probably want to save money as much as you can. However, different requirements make it difficult to build your server rack as required. When you buy a new rack, you are getting a product that has been designed by engineers and refined to suit your needs.

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