How to Deal With the Customs Clearance Process

by Chester C.

Are you shipping goods from China to any part of the world? If you are, then one thing you are surely going to encounter will be the custom clearance process. This process has a way of making people either joyous or plainly frustrated. So you should know more about it.

So what is customs clearance process? In this article, we’re going to look into it. We’re also going to tell you some vital things you should know about the clearance process regardless of where you live around the world. Knowing more about the process can be a game-changer in your shipping activity.

Understanding the custom clearance process

This simply refers to the entire that happens during the transportation of goods. To put it simply, it refers to the documents you have to provide to support the movement of the goods you have brought. The customs clearance process differs from place to place.

To know the exact process, you will need to visit the customs office for each country.

Things you should know about the customs clearance process

You are going to need a lot of documents

Customs clearance will require a lot of documents. They have to verify you have done everything just right. They also have to make sure your goods are not illegal or stolen. Some of the documents you might have to show include the bill of lading, a shipping bill, a certificate of origin and so much more.

To understand what needs to be done, you should visit the customs office near you.

The process is not uniform

Are you wondering how long it might take customs to clear your goods? The answer is that it really does depend on several factors. For example, the type of goods you are shipping influences the time duration a lot. You also have to consider the number of goods and the documentation necessary to pull it off.

You must consider these factors when planning the estimated arrival of your goods.

Use a freight forwarding company

So here’s the thing. The processes can be quite long and tiring. If you have to get a lot of goods moving at a particular time, it might be best to consider using a freight forwarding company.

Most of these companies already know what needs to be done to get your goods moving in the right direction. Having your goods in the hands of a person who doesn’t have a clue on how the system works will end in disaster.

Before choosing a freight forwarding company, you should consider several factors. These factors include reputation, price, and time duration. Having these in mind will help guide when you have to make your final decision.

Final Thoughts

Shipping goods to another country can leave your hearts in your mouth. The customs clearance process can also leave you wanting the ground to swallow you. Knowing some important things about the process can make it far less intimidating.

Your goods will be right on their way to your country in no time!

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