Why Everyone Must Have At Least One Fanny Pack

by Chester C.

A fanny pack is known by lots of names, ranging from waist pack, banana bag, hip bag, bum bag, belt bag, etc. But you can see that the diversity of these names stem from the fact that fanny packs are very versatile and can be placed in various locations.

Fanny packs are very underrated in today’s modern fashion style guide. Going down memory lane, these packs were heavily trending in the 80s but died gradually as newer fashion trends emanated. This, however, doesn’t credit them as they are extremely functional and versatile, especially the obangbag fanny pack. 

The argument against fanny packs is that it’s not fashionable. But would you choose fashion over functionality? Would you buy a shoe that doesn’t fit and can’t take you wherever you want to go, even though it looks shiny and glamorous? Think about it.

Using a Fanny pack gives you the Ultimate Superpower, and here are reasons to support this claim.


Let’s go

Why everyone must have at least one fanny pack

1. It is very practical and comfortable:

A fanny pack is the most comfortable and realistic bag you can ever find. First of all, it’s spacious. It has several compartments in different sizes that allow you to store your phones, wallet, credit cards, keys, etc.

Furthermore, it’s stress-free because you don’t have to use your hands and it won’t drop off your shoulder. You can carry on various activities and be sure that your personal belongings are intact. What can be better than this?

2. It’s the best travel essential

We all know the stress we go through when passing our luggage through security.

Well, here’s a shocker: Do you know that airport security doesn’t count fanny packs as hand luggage when you travel? A fanny pack is your no 1. Travel essential. It feels as if your hand luggage is almost invisible. Your travel essentials are close to you and you don’t have to worry about it.

3. It is stylish


This is one of the popular misconceptions fanny packs have. People claim that fanny packs don’t upgrade their style levels, but that’s not true. Even though their designs emphasize functionality, there are several designer fanny packs available. Getting one that suits your style (whether trendy, sporty, or casual) and personality has never been easier.

4. A fanny pack is versatile

This is one of the most versatile bags you’d come across. This is because its location changes with ease. It can be worn on the hip, bum, or used as a crossbody bag. Hence, the different names accorded to it.

Furthermore, it can be worn for most informal and casual occasions. Whether you go for early morning runs or workout sessions, pick stuff up regularly at a grocery store, or hang out with friends and family, a fanny pack ensures that fit the description every time.

5. It is unisex

Do you always have issues selecting the right male or female bags?

Well, fanny packs are here to clear all your worries. They can be worn by both males and females, and people of all ages.

Have you seen how many superpowers you have with a fanny pack?

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