Why Is CNC Machine Preferable For Rapid Prototyping?

by Chester C.

Rapid manufacturing and prototyping with a CNC machine are fast becoming a preferred choice for many. This is because CNC prototyping uses a kind of subtractive method of creating a model and component parts from a larger base until the preferred results are reached. Quick and precise, the CNC machine, offers you a wide variety of benefits over its alternative, which is 3D printing. The first advantage when using a CNC machine for prototyping is that it provides you with a cheaper option, especially when you are working with expensive materials. Secondly, you are assured of high end and precise prototypes. Also, you are assured of an extremely fast machine for prototyping. This article is aimed at giving you, a glimpse into reasons why you should choose a CNC machine for rapid prototyping.

1. CNC is good for precision

The CNC machine follows a series of techniques for you to achieve a high level of precision. First, a software program is used to create a model which is fed into the system, to create specifications for which prototypes, are to be produced. In terms of accuracy levels, there is always a routine tolerance of 0.05mm or 50 microns. In addition to improving sales and productivity, the prototypes are always very accurate to the letter, reducing unnecessary mistakes often made by people. With its ability to be always repeated at all times, precision remains a strong suit for the CNC machine.

2. For Reduced human intervention in the production process

Another major reason why the CNC machine is best suited for rapid creation of prototypes is how it has reduced the great demands for workers in the modern workspace. Following a series of already programmed instructions, the CNC machine swings to action immediately, producing prototypes that meet your exact standards.

3. CNC prototyping works with different materials

Irrespective of raw materials, the CNC machine delivers appropriately. CNC machines can cut any material without paying attention to its nature. Often, its only attention is on the depth of the material. Therefore, prototypes can always be produced irrespective of their base material when using CNC machines. That means you can achieve the same results, whether on aluminium, steel or plastic.

4. CNC machining is extremely fast for prototyping

In terms of set up and processing time, the CNC machine has an unprecedented speed in creating prototypes. With its powerful CAD software, feeding out instructions at all times, a CNC has a mill or lathe that can quickly cut through any material so quickly.

5. The prototype made with CNC machining is always of high quality

From the moment the instructions are fed into the CAD, machines follow these specific instructions to the letter. Doing this over and over, the possibilities of error or tiredness that often arise with people is widely eliminated. Also in terms of likeness, the machines once instructed replicate exact copies of prototypes.

When it comes to rapid manufacturing and prototyping, the CNC has numerous advantages over other technologies. Its ease of use, consistency and high level of precision make it a favourite tool for producers who are keen on delivering high end and precise prototypes around the world.

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