Purchasing A Kitchen Sink Material For Your Home

by Chester C.

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a kitchen sink. You need to make the right choice so you don’t end up replacing it or getting what you actually did want.

There are different kinds of kitchen sink out they and a lot of other things to consider when getting the right material for your sink. Some common and good choices out there for kitchen sink materials include:

Types of Kitchen Sink Materials

Here are the various types of kitchen sink materials;

Stainless Steel

There are different types of materials for sinks in the market but a lot of them are made from stainless steel material and it could because of its inexpensive nature. It is also easy to clean, doesn’t scratch easily, lasts a lot longer, and works great with almost any countertop surface there is.

When looking to find stainless steel sinks, however, ensure to check out the gauge of the steel. This is because they are measure in gauges and it ranges from 15-24 then 24 stands a high chance of being thinner. As strong as a sink with lower gauges can be, they also add a lot more weight on your countertop and also cost more.


These materials are usually the best for sinks which have to do with quartz and granite. How are they made? Well, these stones are usually crushed and mixed together with a form of adhesive in order to create the perfect body. A good thing about this material got sink is that they hold well even on hotter days.

Cast Iron

This is usually made with a porcelain enamel finishing. This consists of most parts of the dink and it is a very sturdy and tough choice. It helps keep scratches out of your sink and since that’s a common issue with sinks, this makes it perfect. They serve a lot of functions but then, they are very expensive to purchase and install. They are also heavy thus require a form of support underneath to prevent it from falling. Making them pretty high risk irrespective of their near perfection.


You probably don’t know this but they exist. It might seem a little weird since wood isn’t exactly used as kitchen sinks due to their fragility and porosity. However bamboo has been a great choice over the past years. It can hold water and doesn’t damage easily. This is because bamboo wood is usually thick as well as non-porous. That means you can secure it with adhesives and or can last a long time. Maybe not as long as the other side materials but a water-resistant topcoat finish is usually added for extra protection.


Fireclay is usually made of ceramic materials which are often molded into strong shapes. They are dried in high temperatures to make of even stronger. They are a great option but can chip at any time as long as a greater force is added on it.

With these tips, it’ll be easier knowing the type of material you want for your kitchen sink.

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