What to Know When Picking a Canvas Wall Art

by Chester C.

Today, artwork has become part of our homes for decorative purposes and creating a different feel in a room. Canvas wall paintings and prints have become popular over time due to their colorful nature and unique style. You can get one directly from an art gallery shop or have it custom-made to your liking. Check out African American wall art for great and high-quality canvas paintings. In this write-up, we look at the factors to consider when choosing canvas wall art.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Canvas Wall Art

When buying art for your space, selecting one can be challenging and confusing due to the wide range available in the market. Below are some points to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Print or Painting

Canvas art can either be a painting or image printed on the fabric. A painting requires an artist to paint onto the canvas, while a print is an image of a person or object obtained from elsewhere and printed by using an inkjet printer. Canvas paintings are more expensive, but the print is ideal if you want to cut down on cost. If you settle for the canvas print, there are factors to put into consideration to ensure you get the best wall art.

  • Is the quality of the image suitable enough for printing?
  • What print style do you prefer? Single or a collage
  • Type of canvas you would like the image to print on
  • What kind of frame would you prefer?

2. Colour Scheme

The reason for buying a wall art is to hang it somewhere in a room or desired space. It’s important to know the color scheme you are working with to avoid deviating and creating a distraction. If your room has neutral or cool colors, wall art with a splash of color is ideal as it brightens and adds life to space. A room that’s full of color required a simple wall art with a little color.

3. Size of the wall

Identify the wall and position you would like to place your art. To avoid getting a piece that is too big or too small, measure the wall using a tape measure and write down the exact measurements. This helps you know what you’re working with when you go to the shop.

4. Style of Art

Identify the style you want to go with before making a buy. Canvas styles vary depending on the design of the room, is it contemporary, open plan, casual with a warm and cozy feel, the furniture, individual, etc. How you want the art to be showcased also determines the style. Do you want in panels or landscapes? Choose what is attractive to you and matches your style and personality.

5. Existing Artwork

Ensure the art you intend to buy matches the existing ones. Let the theme of the room flow or blend in together.


Canvas wall art is a good investment and should mirror you as an individual. But, be keen while choosing art to ensure you get good value for your money. Your choice and preference quality will depend on your eye keenness.

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