What Makes Giraffetools An Excellent Hose Reel Brand?

by Chester C.

Hose reels are a must-have product by any gardener. These products are used to safely store garden hoses and allow you to use them easily and efficiently. In addition to the storage elements, this product also helps protect the people in a compound or those using the products by preventing accidents caused by tripping on hoses. Hose reels are also aesthetically pleasing, hence making incredible decorations for gardens. The market features a wide range of hose reel providers. A lot of clients prefer to buy from giraffeTools. In this post, we discuss why you should buy from this hose reel brand. 

Why buy from GiraffeTools?

Below are some reasons why you should get your garden hose reel from GiraffeTools;

1. Design

The company works hard and uses professionals to come up with the best hose reel designs. The company carefully structures its products with the comfort of the user in mind. For instance, the Giraffe retractable heavy-duty garden hose reel features a wall-mounted design that boasts a space-saver. This is because you do not need to create space for it in your yard, garden, or storage facility. The hose reel can get installed on the wall effortlessly.

2. Ease of use and installation

Giraffetools products are also easy to install. For instance, the Giraffe wall mount hose reel only requires a bracket and screws for installation. It also does not require any professional assistance. This means that you can install the product without any help. The process of installation also does not take a lot of time.

Additionally, the products are easy to use. Their design to the materials used to construct them is pretty easy to use and understand. You do not need to have any technical know-how or read through bulky instruction books before you can use them.

3. Material

Another element that makes giraffeTools worth your time and money is the material they are made from. The company purposely chooses durable materials. These materials are abrasion-resistant and can withstand various outdoor conditions without losing their qualities. For instance, the brand uses industrial-grade aluminum to make most parts of its hose reels. This material is proven to be crush-resistant, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. In addition to durability, the materials also influence the hose reels’ performance and the safety of the hoses. For instance, abrasion-resistant materials protect hoses from getting damaged due to abrasion.

4. The reputation of the brand

Giraffe is one of the most reputable hose reel brands in the market. The company is responsible for the manufacture of some of the best hose reel designs on the market. One of the best products by Giraffe is the Heavy-duty wall-mount retractable garden hose reel. Dozens of clients have positively reviewed this product. It is also featured on numerous lists of the best garden hose reels on the market. In addition to hose reels, the company also manufactures hose, air pressure reels, and pressure washers, to name a few products.


This brand features a wide range of products and hose reel designs. Therefore, it would help if you researched how they work and the benefits of each design when choosing the best product.

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