What are Tile Inserts? Reasons Why You Need Tile Inserts

by Chester C.

Tile insert has become the most common style of shower grates. Tile inserts are a type of floor waste where no covers are needed; instead, a frame where the tile you’ve chosen is put. Therefore, what drains the water is the space found around the tile. People who aren’t keen won’t notice that there is any drainage. It is, therefore, safe to say that tile inserts are the best shower grates since they are concealed yet effective.

Reasons why you need to Choose Tile Inserts
· What makes tile inserts beautiful is the fact that they go perfectly well with shower floors that are tiled. This means that tile insert drains are perfect for showers as well as floors that have tiles.

· The finishing done on them makes walking comfortable.

· There’s no much work needed for tile inserts if the floor in the bathroom has tiles.

· Tile inserts save a lot of money and effort.

Areas Tile Inserts Can be Used
Tile inserts can be used in any area that has tiles as well as a place where water can quickly drain. Below are such areas.

· Outdoor balconies

· Laundry floors

· Bathroom floors

· Sliding doors

· Pools

How Tile Insert Grates Work
Tile inserts are used to give the drainage an appealing look. Since it attaches directly onto your drain, it makes the water go into a hole found at the bottom and straight to the waste.

In the middle of the grate, is a place where the tile of your choice is placed.

Under the tile, is where you find the hole that drains extra water. However, if your floor isn’t tiled, the inserts aren’t the best choice of shower grate.

Tile inserts do not work alone, and there are materials used along tiles to make the end product seamless. Below are some of them.

1. Tile mosaic

2. Crystal

3. Chrome

4. Natural stones such as marble

5. Ceramic

6. Glass

It’s important to note that mosaic and ceramic floor tiles that are custom made and designed can be used alongside tile inserts.

· Tile inserts look good on any bathroom

· It’s easy to use large tiles since you are not required to cut them to fit the size of the drainage

· Tile inserts can be used in easy access showers since they make them look larger and can be used by people with wheelchairs.

· Most people hate cleaning the bathroom, but that’s not the case with tile inserts because they are easy to clean. Since tiles are large, cleaning them tends to be an easy task.

· When not properly installed, water will most likely accumulate on the surface, causing the tiles to surface. This implies that they are not always 100 percent on such occasions.  

· Some tile inserts drain stop working after a short period.

Final Thoughts
For homeowners looking for a shower grate that requires less effort to install and maintain, and one that will make your bathroom floor look seamless, tile insert is the best choice.

Remember always to consider where you intend to use tile inserts. Is it in a rental house or your home? Your answer should influence your decision.

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