Important Information You Should Know About Lockets

by Chester C.

Defining the term locket can be difficult because there isn’t a standard definition of a locket. Most of the time, the definition or meaning depends on the type, design, and occasion when it is worn or given. However, they are often defined as trinkets worn on necklaces, often featuring photos or decorations. Lockets, or necklaces with lockets, are very popular. Sites like Inneffables offer kette mit bild (chain with picture). Below are some details about lockets you should know.

Occasions when lockets are worn

Lockets can be worn on a wide range of occasions. Below are a few of these events;

a. Mourning a loved one

Some people wear lockets with photos or a special message as a way of mourning or paying respect to a loved one. Most people also use lockets as a way of keeping the deceased loved one.

b. Honoring a friendship or significant relationship

Some people also wear this jewelry to wear when celebrating a friendship or a meaningful relationship.

Items that you can carry in a locket

Lockets can also be used to carry items. Some items that they can carry are:

1. Important keepsakes

One of the essential things you can do with a locket is keeping keepsakes. You can use it to keep something like a photo of your significant other, family, or parents. Some people keep a prayer or wish inside their lockets. This means that wearing the locket is significant and somehow a symbol of hope and desires.

2. Private items

Lockets usually have a closing mechanism. This means that people cannot see whatever you have inside the locket unless they open it or show it to them. For this reason, some people use them to store personal items like a trinket, note, or photograph. Note that people who do this often keep the lockets on them or keep them inside a private storage box. Doing this is an excellent option because you will know where the item is at all times.

3. Heirlooms

Lockets themselves can act as family heirlooms. However, you can also keep the heirloom inside of the lockets. This is a great way to keep something close to your heart as it dangles on your chest. So many people wear heart-shaped lockets as the item inside is close to their heart.

The history of lockets

Lockets have existed for centuries. They were worn for the first time in the 1400s on necklaces, brooches, or rings. Most people would wear them with portraits of the King and Queen as a symbol or royalty to the crown. In the 1600s, following Charles I of England’s death, his supporters would wear lockets with his photo as a symbol of mourning. At this time, lockets became mourning jewelry. The popularity of lockets as mourning jewelry continued to increase in popularity for centuries. In the 1800s, the crown lost Prince Albert. His wife, the Queen, wore a locket in his memory during and after the mourning period.


During the four centuries mentioned above, the upper class’s lockets were only worn because they were costly. However, from the beginning of the 1800s, jewelers started wearing affordable lockets. This resulted in the increased popularity of this piece of jewelry, where people would keep portraits, letters, and notes in their lockets. The same is done today.

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