Parts Of Pool Cues And Their Roles

by Chester C.
pool cues

A pool cue is a stick that is used by pool players to strike balls. It is commonly used in games of billiards. Pool cues are also referred to as cue sticks or bool sticks. But, pool cues can be broken down into two main components, which are the butt and shaft. The two components can be broken down further into sub-components.In this post, we look at each of the sub-components and their roles.

The Shaft

The pool cue shaft made up of the following components;

  • Shaft- this is the most important part of the tool. It has the most effect on the shot that is made. It is the part on which a player rests his dominant hand. Doing this helps to maintain a stable position. Most of the time, it is made of wood, but it can also be made of fiberglass and graphite.
  • Tip- this is the main point of contact. It is the part that is used to strike the cue ball. It is held together by glue, and its hardness varies from hard to soft depending on the player’s preferences.
  • Ferrule- it is located right below the tip and is known as the backbone. It helps to avoid additional vibration upon impact.
  • Collar- this part helps to strengthen the pin and ensure the correct transfer of energy from the butt to the shaft.
  • Ring- it is found on both the stuff and the butt. It helps to reinforce the cue.
  • Joint- this is the metallic part of the cue that connects the butt and staff. Sometimes it is made of wood, buckhorn, ivory, or phenolic resin.


Below are the components of the butt;

  • Pin- this part is found at the top of the butt, and it connects it to the shaft. It is normally made of wood.
  • Ring- the ring helps to reinforce the joints of the cue. It matches the one found on the shaft.
  • Collar- it’s found below the pin, glued and threaded to ensure even transfer of energy throughout the cue.
  • Wrap- this is the part through which the player handles the cue. It is usually made of either Irish linen or leather.
  • Butt sleeve- its located under the wrap and matches the forearm.
  • Bumper- its found at the bottom of the pool cue. Its role is to protect the cue from damage.

Factors that affect the performance of the pool cue

The main factor is the shaft. This is the most significant part and the one that comes into direct contact with the ball. The materials from which the shaft is manufactured also affect the performance. The other factor is the design, straightness, and the quality of the pool cue quality.


When buying a pool cue, you need to consider the quality. The quality is mostly related to the type of wood. The size of the cue is another factor in considering the size of the pool. The standard pool cue size if between 57 and 61 inches. However, most cues designed specifically for billiards are usually strictly 59 inches.

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