Commonly asked questions about the Garden hose reel

by Chester C.

People who have used, are using, or planning to buy a garden hose reel may have a lot of questions. They may have doubts about the quality of the product. It could be giraffetools retractable garden hose reel. It comes highly recommended

This article discusses some of the questions that people have asked and keep asking.

What do you do After Buying a Garden Hose Reel?

The first step after buying a garden reel is to couple it. After coupling it you can then install it. If you have chosen a wall-mounted type of garden reel, you will need to install it on the wall of your home or the wall of your garage.

You can also find freestanding garden reels to buy. The free-standing reels can sit in one corner and can be moved to the desired position. Be sure to position the free-standing reel near the water source.

When buying the hose reel, you should include the tools that you will need to install in your purchase. Tools like a clamp, Allen wrench, screws, washers, and spring are needed for installation.

Step 1

Bring out your garden hose and put it through the opening in the reel.

Step 2

Make sure you make a loop large enough to attach the hose to the water source. If the loop is not large enough it can cause kinks.

Step 3

Remember that hose end that you put through the opening on the reel in step 1? Fix the spring into that end.

Step 4

Now attach the hose to the water source.

Step 5

As you keep the already made loop large and free, start by rolling the reel with one full turn.

Step 6

Take the hose clamp that came with the garden reel kit, place it on the hose that you are currently reeling in, then pinch it.

Step 7

Insert the screw into the hose clamp hole then into the reel.

Step 8

Getting the washer and nut through to the other side could be tricky, but don’t worry. All you have to do is roll the reel in. Then set the locking mechanism to avoid unraveling it.

How Can You Roll A Hose Without A Reel?

If you do not possess a reel, it is still possible to roll the hose without any kinks. If it is done well, it will be ready for use next time. For hoses that are small and can be easily wrapped around the arm.

Rolling the hose can be easily done by holding one end of the hose in the right hand or left, whichever is more convenient. Keep the hand up to shoulder level with a bent elbow.

With the other hand, wrap the hose around the elbow and the shoulder. Keeping that loop in place with the same hand, keep doing this until the hose is completely wrapped up.

To be able to keep it in place, you could use a zip-tie, a piece of string, or any other suitable material available. You can also complete the rolling process by using a ladder or any frame available, instead of using your hand.


If you are having any difficulty buying, or putting the whole garden reel together, you could find someone who is more skilled at it. You should also conduct proper research about the product you wish to purchase.

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