5 Most Popular Types of Zippers and their Anatomy

by Chester C.

To the untrained eyes, zippers may not be worth any attention. However, if you see or use items on which zippers are needed, a faulty zipper can disrupt the use of such items. Imagine if the fermeture éclair on your bags get faulty. How will you be able to use the bag with the faulty zipper? We consider the components of zippers and some cool types of zippers.

The parts of zippers

Zippers are made of four major parts, which can take on any design, material, or shape. These parts include:

  1. The slider: The slider is the small piece of metal or plastic material moved to and fro to open or close a bag or fabric. It comes with a finger grip to aid its handling.
  2. The teeth: These are also called elements. They are located on both sides of the zipper. They separate or join when the slider is pulled up or down.
  3. Tape: This is the fabric located on both sides of the zippers. The tape is attached to the material that the zipper is used to open or close. The tape is often made of polyester.
  4. Stopper: The stopper is a small piece of metal or plastic located at both ends of the zipper to keep the zipper teeth from separating. It keeps the slider in place for continuous use.

Types of Zippers

There are many different types of zippers. However, the material, design, and purpose of fabric should determine which type of zipper to use. Below are some commonly used zippers.

  1. Closed-end zippers: These are the most common types of zippers. They do not allow zippers to separate at the bottom because a stopper is in place to prevent total separation. They are often used in trousers and skirts.
  2. Separating Zippers: Both ends of separating zippers are open and possess a single slider. The slider is fixed permanently to one side of the zipper with a stopper below. The end of the other side of the zipper assumes a pin’s shape and is inserted into the slider on the other side before the zipper can be closed. These zippers are also called open-ended zippers. They are mostly used in jackets.
  3. Two-way separating zippers: These zippers have two sliders that move in opposite directions to close or open a fabric. They are often used in some jackets and luggage bags. They are also called two-head or double zippers.
  4. Nylon Coil zippers: These are made of plastic sliders and polyester tapes. They come in various sizes and can have single or double sliders. They are lightweight and thin, which makes them elegant on fabrics.
  5. Continuous zipper chain: These are relatively long zippers that can be cut based on the needed length. Their length may range between 100 to 500 inches. They are often used in making mattress covers, tents, luggage bags, and other fabrics that require longer zipper lengths than usual.


You can check out many other designs for zippers. Find zippers parts and items that will enhance your designs on fabrics.

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