CNC Machined Parts| The Ultimate Guide

by Chester C.

When we talk of machined parts, what comes into your mind first? Whether it is parts of a machine or parts made by a machine, in your way, you are right. Our industries are required to work with high precision and quality parts at our current state of technology. The work done by machines is much more useful than our hands. Industries that produce for airplanes, automotive, and electronics require CNC machining to ensure no room for error. Other advantages of CNC machining;

  • Machined parts are made with high precision ensuring quality
  • CNC machining is time-saving
  • Mass production

Materials used to make Machine parts and their advantages

If you were to categorize these machined parts into components, you would get;

  • Metal components
  • Acrylic components
  • Electronic components

Metal Components

Metal components are the most common parts used in our industries. Let us look at the materials used to make some metal components and their advantages

  1. Aluminum: Most machining industries prefer it because it is light and robust, making it easy to cut. It also has high levels of resistance to corrosive substances. Aluminum is used in rolling mills to make sheets and other metallic equipment.
  2. Steel: Steel metal is economical, although the parts may be more expensive due to the output required to make them because steel is pretty strong.
  3. Brass: Brass is mostly used to make the electronic gadgets we have. Due to its low cost, most of our CNC machine shops prefer to use brass.
  4. Titanium: Titanium is most used in the medical sector due to its biocompatibility. It is used to make prosthetics because it cannot corrode with body fluids. Although quite expensive, titanium is indispensable in the medical industry.

Acrylic components

Acrylic can be tied down to the glass, although it is much cheaper and lighter. Its optical clarity and ability to pass light efficiently can be used to make optical lenses for spectacles. Let us look at some of the advantages associated with acrylics

  • Excellent light permeability
  • High chemical resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • Acrylics are lighter and more comfortable than glass

Electronic Components

CNC machining is an essential tool in manufacturing some of the electronics we use. The holes in the printed circuit boards are drilled with high precision to ensure that they work efficiently. Even the slightest miscalculation on a PCB can cause failure in the systems we use. Printed circuit boards are used in almost all the electronic gadgets we use, and that is why CNC machining is the best option when making PCBs.

Examples of Machined parts

  1. Housings
  2. Fittings
  3. Ball joints
  4. Suspension arms
  5. Rollers

CNC machining has changed the way we manufacture tools we use in our lives. Our systems are delicate, and quality is our priority. Our hands are not able to create what machines can since we are prone to error. CNC machined parts guarantee us not only efficiency but also safety. Industries like aerospace, medical and automotive require parts that are free of human errors to work efficiently.

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