What is the best garage door size?

by Chester C.

For building a new house or renovating your old one, you should consider the garage and garage door size. However, there are many garage door sizes. Nowadays, custom home building is increasing so much. People want garages to accommodate trucks, boats, RVs, SUVs, and motorcycles. It depends upon which vehicle type you have, where you live, or what kind of garage you want. The are many sizes in which garage doors are made. The height and width of garage doors can vary, but a garage door is typically made in these sizes:

  • For a single car, the garage door is 8 feet in width and 7 feet in height.
  • For a double garage door, the width or length is 16 feet, and the height is 7 feet.

You can also find 16×8, 9×8, and 8×8 garage doors┬áin custom buildings. You can also see the garage doors 9 or 10 feet high in some areas.

Single vs double garage door

Whether you want to buy two single garage doors or a double door, there are two things to remember before choosing the type for your garage door. The option of cost is not one of them as the two single garage doors come at almost the exact cost as a one double garage door would come. But for two single garage doors, you have to pay the price for two garage door openers. The expense of maintenance is separate. It depends on the condition. For your house’s outside or exterior look, garage doors play an essential role. If your house is on the corner or faces the street, then you must consider the option of a better garage door for your home. Garage doors play a vital role in your house’s overall beauty and look. If you are conscious about design, then two garage doors are a better option. Also, they will be beneficial for you as they will be energy efficient and reduce the flow of hot or cold air in the garage during the regular opening.

Which one is best?

Most probably, the size of your garage will tell you which size of garage door will work best for you. Single garage doors are used for wider garages also. For example, if your garage is 20- 22 feet wide, you must choose two single garage doors. You can use a double garage door for relatively small garages. Most people whose garage size is 18 feet use the double garage door. A double garage door works best if you have an oversized vehicle. However, the single garage door is suitable for smaller vehicles. A double garage door will also help in the in and out of the car easily. But if you want two single garage doors and the luxury of a large car then you must consider the option of expanding the doors. You can customize the size of each door to 9×8 feet. It will give enough room for your car and also you will be happy with the outside look of your house.

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