Top Lighting Options For an Outdoor Commercial Basketball Court

by Chester C.

Basketball courts tend to be designed differently from one another. When it comes to putting up lights in basketball courts, you should know that they all come in different specifications. This means that whenever you’d see basketball court lights for sale, first of all, consider the design of the basketball court. Is it for recreational, residential, professional, or commercial purposes? You should know.

In this article, you will find out the different lighting designs you should adopt for your commercial basketball court.

Outdoor Lighting Design for Commercial Basketball Court

1. Anti-Glare

The anti-glare lights are important for an outdoor basketball court. That’s because string lighting tends to be harsh and irritating for both the players and their spectators. If there’s no anti-glare feature, the players might get uncomfortable as their vision is usually affected by regular lights. It can also cause bad match performance.

2. Surge Protection and IP Rating

This is usually one of the first things that you know about lighting up a commercial basketball court. The surge protection is essential as it helps to prevent the LED light from damaging if there’s a rapid increase in electricity.

If the LED light is damaged because of a lack of surge protection, it will negatively affect an ongoing match. Your reputation might as well get damaged in the process. So the best thing usually, is to get protection from the onset.

3. Flicker-Free

A lot of basketball courts are known to have low-quality strobes; this isn’t supposed to be so. To ensure that there’s enough light distributed for illumination during a match, you will need to purchase and install high-quality lighting. Everyone already knows the importance of speed in lighting.

For this purpose, you can get a lighting feature that features about 6000 fps during video shooting. ensure that the flicker rate is less than 0.3 percent since high-speed cameras can’t detect it.

 4. Lux Level

For standard basketball courts, you should install at least 200 lux if the event will not be televised. The regular size of standard basketball courts is about 4700 sq. ft. This is why you need lumens of 87,400 to lighten up an outdoor basketball court especially if they are for recreational use.

5. Lighting Standard

The lighting standard often differs according to the type of event you’re running. If it’s televised, rest assured that it would be different from a non-televised one. This means that if your basketball court is having a televised match, you need to make sure that the lighting you’re getting is suitable for the match.

The next thing to keep in mind while deciding on lighting type is the ratio between a minimum and maximum lux in your basketball court. It shouldn’t be above 0.5. CRI of lighting and color temperature are other aspects of the court you should focus on.


The best way to decorate your basketball court is to invest in good lights! They are mostly affordable and would be a good addition to your environment.

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