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by Chester C.
Handmade Sword

In ancient Japan, masters who made or crafted sword were referred to as swordsmiths or blacksmiths. These swordsmiths were highly respected and revered. They were in charge of crafting swords for the highly esteemed samurai.

They crafted swords for every other person willing to pay. Although swordsmiths and blacksmiths are similar, there is a little difference. The swordsmiths focus exclusively on swords. While the blacksmiths also crafted other sorts of weapons and metalwork.  

The steel used in the production of swords in earlier days was known as Japanese steel. These swordsmiths are masters in their fields. They were so good that even to this day, any original sword made with Japanese steel is considered a significant portion of Japanese history.

The swordsmiths were so revered that they didn’t teach their craft to just anyone. They had specific techniques and methods they employed. Each swordsmith had special materials or methods they use in crafting. Each swordsmith master had a unique pattern. This way, some swordsmiths make more durable swords than others. Some specialised in samurai swords. Some were proficient in “soft” swords.

The extraction methods, the refining methods, the quenching techniques used by these swordsmiths all differed. But the one common thing was that all these swords were handmade. It is incredible if you think about it. The fact that one could craft steel to the extent where it can cut through steel. This was the case during battles and wars.

Such master swordsmiths who were so good that their swords could cut through other steel armour were even more highly respected. Although it requires skill and experience to be able to achieve that effect the swords also contributed.

Today, machines and other artificial products are being used to craft swords. Mechanical hammerheads for the hammering process. Due to advances in science, it has been discovered that it is more proficient to quench in oil. These swords are all incredible but there is a certain beauty in handmade swords.

These handmade sword experts are rare today, but not extinct. There are various master swordsmiths today. These are most likely related to the family of a swordsmith from the olden days. These families still carry the inheritances of the past swordsmiths. So the masters of handmade swords today are in a way, custodians of knowledge and culture.

Many appreciate the aesthetics of a handmade sword. Some even claim to be able to feel the history of the technique. Nevertheless, if you need a handmade sword, there are still expert who can help. There are some handmade sword experts who have been crafting swords for most of their lives. These masters have honed the art of handmade sword crafting over 30 to 40 years.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of sword, it can be crafted. There are handmade sword experts who are more than willing to be of assistance. They can even customise and design the sword to meet your exact requirements.

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