Something you need to know about Ruffwear harness

by Chester C.

Pet owners share special bonds with their dogs based on the adventures they share. This is why owners cherish road walks, camps, mountain climbs and hikes they carry out with their dogs because it gives them a sense of ownership, control and most importantly, companionship.

But will you comfortable letting your dog roam in the wild if something happens?

A lot of people claim that dogs should not be restricted in any way. They should be allowed to roam and explore life for themselves on their own. While that is true, you cannot entirely control the events that will occur as you adventure with your dog.

What if he sees something, gets distracted, and decides to chase it?

What if he begins to move towards a harmful direction?

What if he begins to play and gets lost?

All these control measures like collars and harnesses are there for not just owner control but the overall protection of the dog.

Some people may also argue that dog collars are inhumane and may cause skin irritation. Most times, only shock collars cause adverse effects on the dog, and there are several quality products that your dog’s skin can accept, no matter how sensitive it is.

 Harnesses, on the other hand, are extremely stylish. It gives the dog that flexibility and space to do anything he wants to do, while still giving the owner control. If you love going on adventures with your dog and you are not using a Ruffwear harness, you are doing it all wrong.  

Ruffwear harnesses are produced with dog explorers and adventurers in mind. They are created with the well-being of the dog in mind, and as such, allows for easy leash and aerobics training, and even everyday use.

 There are different types of harnesses:

  1. Front wear harnesses: These are designed for everyday use. They are constructed with pads and a great training equipment because of the leash attachment point. There are side release buckles.
  2. Hi and Light Harness: This is very lightweight. The beautiful thing about this harness is that it is resistant to debris. There are also side release buckles.

We also have the web master and flag line harnesses that are specifically made for hiking and climbing.

Our special Breathable Nylon Ruffwear harness is highly recommended for all dog users. It basically comes in two colors- orange and rose, and it is designed for small and medium dogs like Chihuahua, Pitbull, Poodles, Yorkie, etc.

  1. It is very durable: Our Nylon Ruffwear harnesses can stand the test of time. Nylon protection helps to prevent external damage.
  2. It has a reflective design: This is one of its unique features. At night, the reflective design at the neck of the harness shines a light, thus, helping to protect the dog.
  3. It has a pretty printed design: Unlike other harnesses that have plain designs, our Ruffwear harness has a pretty printed design on it.

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