Are Over-the-counter Products Safe for Teeth Whitening?

by Chester C.

Almost no one wants to ever have the feeling of self-consciousness about their teeth. That’s why having a set of pure white teeth is something most people crave to have, especially young people. To get an instant result most times, you need to visit a qualified dentist or simply fall back to a teeth whitening manufacturer. This way, you gain direct access to super active bleaching agents.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are worth it. But what are they? Which ones should you use? Keep reading to know more.

Over-the-counter Products for Teeth Whitening

Here are the three top OTC teeth whitening solutions that you can always opt for:

1. Whitening Trays and Strips

In tooth whitening, a plastic tray or strip is used to prepare bleaching agents that will be directly applied to the teeth. While using this tray, you will most likely spend up to 30 minutes to 2 hours. Repeated application for up to 3 weeks is also required before you can start seeing the visible outcome of your procedure.

Making your teeth whiter at a fast rate begins with using strips. Their active ingredients tend to be ok the teeth over a reasonable period and this makes them one of the most potent options to try.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is produced to help get rid of surface stains on the teeth. This is often made possible through a range of mild abrasive like sodium bicarbonate, hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, etc that it comes with. They don’t perform an actual bleaching process but will leave your teeth whitened over a given period.

For better results, always look out for toothpaste with peroxide. Results can be seen after 5 days of consistent usage.

3. Light Devices

The last OTC product to try on your teeth is the whitening light device. It is often held over the teeth after the insertion of teeth whitening or bleaching agents, to help improve penetration and in turn fasten results.

They are quite effective because of the amount of time dedicated to making sure that the bleaching agent gets direct contact with the teeth.

How to Use Over-the-counter-products for Teeth Whitening

In using over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you must ensure that you:

1. Follow Instructions

Strips and gels are not meant to stay longer than the instructions say. If not, you may end up getting sore gums which will lead to other severe youth problems. When you’re done whitening, stay away from sports drinks, soda, and some other beverages that may contain a high amount of acid.

2. Be Minimal

Most people always want to go overboard with the whitening process. This can be quite damaging if care isn’t taken. That’s why instructions on the body of the product must be followed. If your teeth have attained the shade you want, you can respect the bleaching process twice every year.


People opt for over-the-counter products most times because they are more affordable and effective. Always ensure that you adhere to instructions, ideally that of a quality dentist before using one for your teeth.

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